Vodafone iPhone 3GS Price in India

After Bharti Airtel, Vodafone is also selling iPhone 3GS in India. Vodafone Essar will offer three plans – a prepaid plan of Rs. 100 and two post paid plans with Rs. 799 and Rs. 999 as rental respectively. Under the Rs. 799 plan, the customer would get 249 minutes talk time and 250 MB data usage free, while the 999 plan would offer free talk time of Rs. 299 and data usage of 600 MB without charge.


iPhone 3G is available at Rs. 33,500 (for 8GB version), Rs. 40,500 (for 16GB) and Rs. 47,500 (for 32GB) in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, respectively. For other regions, the handset would be available for Rs. 29,500 (for 8GB version), Rs. 35,500 (for 16GB) and Rs. 41,500 (for 32GB).

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