How to Use Two Different Number Of WhatsApp in Android Dual Sim

If you are the owner of Android Dual Sim phone and using the Whatsapp as your messaging servcie, then you know that you can’t use the both  numbers on the whatsapp. In Whatsapp app you can only use one number and didn’t find any option to use the other number. Now you can use both of your number on your Whatsapp with the help of modified version of the app. Thanks to XDA developer who created this application called OGWhatsApp.

All you have to install the OGWhatsApp on your device and you can run two number on the servcie. Once with the original Whataspp and other with the modified OGWhatsApp. The process is very simple and all you have install the app and make some changes on the phone with the help of file explorer and you are done. Here’s how it’s done!

use two numbers in WhatsApp at the same time

To install the application on your dual-SIM device, follow this Guide:

1. First take the backup of your Whatsapp messages.

2. Open the file manager on your phone and change the folder name of /sdcard/WhatsApp to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp. And uninstall the original WhatsApp message.

3. Download the OGWhatsApp apk file and install it on your dual sim android phone (download link mentioned below)

4. Run the OGWhatsApp and use the same old number on the app which you are using previously on your Whatsapp.

5. Now install the WhatsApp application again from Google play store on your phone and use the new number which you want to try on your device.

That’s it. Check your home screen or the app drawer, and you can use both the apps one for each number. If you are not able to install it properly, do comment below with your queries and we would be happy in assisting you with the same.

Download OGWhatsApp Here