Upgrade your Nothing OS to 1.5.3 for Ear (2) support and enhanced security

Finally good news for the Nothing Phone 1 user. There’s a new update available for Nothing OS 1.5, which runs on Android 13. It’s called Nothing OS 1.5.3, and it makes Phone (1) faster and saves battery life. The update is already being released and will be available to all users soon. You should update your device to get the new features and improvements.

The installation package for the new version is 91.79 MB. You can now add games manually to Game Mode (you need to install them from the Play Store) to make pop-up views look smoother.

The update will have new wallpapers and support for Ear (2), a new audio product from a well-known tech company. This feature will allow Nothing Phone users to use Ear (2) with their devices and have better audio quality.

Nothing OS 1.5.3 Changelog

  • Fixed abnormal appearance of Night Light mode in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed the flashing charging prompt on the AOD interface.
  • Fixed issue where Glyph lights did not show for incoming WhatsApp calls.
  • Fixed freeze issues during YouTube video playback.
  • Fixed issue where weather data did not show in the Quick Look widget.

Nothing OS 1.5.3 Changelog

The new version also solves many problems, such as abnormal night mode, flashing AOD charging prompt, glyph light not showing when using WhatsApp calls, freezing when playing YouTube videos, Quick Look widget not showing weather data, and more.

Download Link of Nothing OS 1.5.3 Update (Incremental over 1.5.2)