Top 5 Wireless KeyBoards for Apple iPad

Virtual keys don’t suit everyone. But with a plethora of Bluetooth keyboards now available, you’re sure to find one to complement your iOS device. Typing with the virtual keyboard on an iOS device is fine for small amounts of text — such as note taking, or sending short emails. But if you want to write your next novel, report or thesis on an iPad, you’ll quickly miss the benefits of a physical keyboard. Apple’s Keyboard Dock works well, but isn’t very portable. However, there are other options, such as a wireless model.

All iOS devices support Bluetooth, and wireless keyboards give you the convenience of a physical keyboard in a compact design; they can even be built into an iPad case. With so many different —keyboards currently available, the only difficulty is choosing the right one for your needs. So today here we mention some of the best bluetooth Keyboard available for iPad.

1. Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apples own Bluetooth keyboard is one good choice for any iOS device. Compact and low profile, And its slim, compact design takes up much less space on your desk.

2. iMage Keyboard

iMage Keyboard is available For both iPad and iPad 2 models, this one is made with high-quality Faux leather, but the star of the show is the detachable keyboard. Able to operate up to 10m From your iPad, the keyboard reattaches via an embedded magnet.

3. KeyPad by Cygnett

This new wireless keyboard is ultra-compact example From Cygnett is on the very edge of that limit. Works with iPad 2 iPad 1, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G S, and MacBook. At first glance the KeyPad looks well constructed, but when you attempt to type it soon becomes clear that only those with the smallest oFdigits will have any chance of typing accurately and at speed on this diminutive keyboard. It measures just 218mm across, so if you’re looking for

4. iLuv Keypad

Sleek in its black and silver livery, this keyboard certainly looks the part. It duplicates the standard Apple wireless keyboard layout, so you’ll be instantly at home. Powered by two AA batteries, the keyboard has enough stability to ensure even the heaviest of typists will have a firm platform to use.

5. KeyFolio Pro Performance Keyboard Case

High-performance keyboard optimized for the touch typist. Built-in Bluetooth technology delivers wireless operation and one button set-up. A multi position stand holds your iPad 2 in place while the rotatable frame offers landscape and portrait use.

6. BT Keymini Keyboard

One of the best keyboard from Macally Peripherals, it has Bluetooth v2.0 wireless technology. Whic provides users with convenient wireless control, maximum distance:10 meters. Ultra-slim and lightweight keyboard body designed for maximum portability

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