Take EFS Backup & Backup of Other Partitions in Oneplus 2 [How-to]

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to take the EFS Backup (IMEI) & Backup of Other Partitions in your Oneplus 2 android smartphone or any other android devices. Why EFS backup and what are the benefits? Suppose you are installing some custom ROM on your phone and at that time something goes wrong, and the EFS data to become corrupted. If this were to happen, your IMEI would be lost, and your phone would be unable to connect to any mobile network—so be sure to have a backup just in case. By Flashin the ROM you can solve this problem, to solve this problem you have to restore the RFS partitions. So it si recommended to take the backup of EFS partition. I’ll show you how to back it up before any risky ROM flashing is done.

Backup EFS partition [IMEI] in Oneplus 2 Phone or Any Other Android

EFS Backup and Backup of Other Partitions

Step 1: – First open the Google play store application on your phone and Download Partitions Backup And Restore App from here

Step 2: – Once the application is installed on your Oneplus 2, Open the app and grant it root access.

Step 3: – Now click On the Settings icon above and select preference to .img. The img file is easy to flash with ADB commands.

Step 4: – Select the partitions marked in yellow and backup them by clicking on the download like button at the bottom right. Now the backup process will start on your phone and this take few minutes.

Step 5: – Go to the storage and search for the Partitions Backup folder. There you will three .img files (modem,modemst1,modemst2) . Save them to your cloud and as many places as you want as they are very important files.

This way you can backup all other partitions too.?

Watch the video below:-