Recover Memory and Storage on Your Android Smartphone

Most of the time when you are browsing, downloading application on your android smartphone, lots of data is constantly being saved to your smartphone. All these data and cache files eat lots of memory and storage space on your device. This will affect the performance of your device like slow performance, lag and more. So removing these these junk files and data file will speed up the performance of your android smartphone. Although there are plenty of free and paid apps are available in the Google play store to clean junks files, we think the best of the bunch is Clean Master; a simple enough app that thoroughly scans and streamlines your phone and all files and data stored within it.

So lets take a look how the Clean Master (Cleaner) application works and helps you to recover memory and storage from your android smartphone. The application is free to download from the Google plays store. Download the application and install it on your phone.

Once the app installed on your phone, run the application and Clean Master will automatically scan the your device and give you the details of your phone storage. From the main screen of the application select the Junk Files option, now app will scan your device and provide you the details of all the junk files. Click on the “Clean” button to remove all the junk files from your device.

Clean Master App

Now go back to the application main screen ans check the storage space, here you will know how much the storage you currently have available and also indicate any potential areas of
danger that are overloaded with data.

Now from the main screen click on the “App Manager” icon, from here you will get the details of all the application which are installed on your device. This section creates a list of your most unused
apps, and lets you know of the potential storage space you could save if you uninstalled them.

App Manager

Overall the application is one of the best way to remove all the unwanted junks from the android mobile and tablets. With this way you will clean lots of junk files and recover memory on your phone.

Download Clean Master (Cleaner)