Protect Your Android Phone with Trend Micro Mobile Security

Your smartphone is no longer just a phone, it has lots of thing on it like your personal details, contacts, mail,  financial transactions and more. So you always worried about malicious apps, web threats and lost of phone. Now no need to worry. You have to try Trend micro Mobile Security Android app.

It includes protection against malicious web sites, parental control, filtering of calls and texts, and an antivirus component. This new application goes beyond protecting against various forms of malware and also includes lost device protection as well as enhanced security to block threats while surfing the Web, calling or texting.

Some of the Features:-

1. Improved app scanner that blocks infected apps from installing and stealing your personal information.

2. Lost device protection that allows users to locate a lost device, trigger an alarm, remotely lock it or even wipe it clean from a personal online portal.

3. Enhanced surf, call and text security that is designed to block online threats like banking scams, block unwanted calls and text messages, and inappropriate websites to protect your children.

Download Trend Micro Mobile Security Android App here

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