Picture Password Lockscreen New Way to Lock & Secure Android

Android Device has lots of security feature, which allows you to lock your device with patterns, face unlock, code unlock and more. Now you can use Picture Password Lockscreen to secure you device and lock it. With the help of this app you can use a picture as a lock screen and add points or draw gestures on it to lock the device screen.

Thanks to XDA developer kevdliu, who come with this new app, which replace your default android default lock screen with new picture password lockscreen. Now no need to remember the code or patterns to unlock your device, just draw a point, line, and/or a circle to unlock your phone.

You can grab the new app from the Google play store, the app is free to download and easy to setup. All you have to do is install the app on your Android Device and select the image that you want to use on the lock screen mode of your device. And select the gestures like line, circle or point to lock and unlock the screen of your device.

Picture Password Lockscreen Draw a Line
Picture Password Lockscreen Draw a Line

Once the setup is complete, you are ready to enjoy the new Picture Password Lockscreen on your device. Next time to unlock the screen of your device you have to draw a line or circle to unlock your device. And with in a seconds your screen is unlocked and you are ready to use your phone.

Picture Password Lockscreen Unlocked
Picture Password Lockscreen Unlocked

The app has two version one is free and one is paid. With the paid one you can get some other extra features, such as:

1. Screen Lock Delay
2. Start On Boot
3. Toast Message Options

The app is still in beta stage, some android users are facing some issues with the app. We tested this app on Galaxy S3 international version and the app works fine and runs smoothly on our device. The app is one of the best way to secure and lock your device without remembering the code or passwords.

Download Picture Password Lockscreen App here