Oneplus 2 Launched with a price tag of Rs. 22,999 (16GB) and Rs.24,999 (64GB)

After the so much hype and rumours, the OPneplus 2 is officially launched today. The phone which whole worlds wait to launch is not official and packed with some awesome specs and features. Most of the Oneplus one users who are waiting for this device already reserved their invite and waiting for the 11 August to book the new android phone. The price for OnePlus 2 in India – Rs. 22,999 for the 16GB variant and Rs.24,999 for the 64GB variant.


Again the new phone some with the sandstone back panel with 13MP camera with 1.3micron sensor and more. Some new features that comes with the new Oneplus 2 are new Fingerprint sensor to add more security on the device, USB Type-C port, New Hardware Notification button same like the iPhone to control the notification on the phone, dual sim support, 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor along with 4GB of DDR4 RAM. Packed with some of the best specs which most of the Android phone lack these days.

No doubt the one Oneplus 2 has the best specs and comes with the latest version of Oxygen OS. OnePlus 2 looks neat and almost picture perfect, the phone comes with four StyleSwap Covers including Bamboo, Black Apricot, Rosewood and Kevlar.


The sale of the phone begins on the August 11, and this time again you need invite to book the phone. So if you want to buy this phone then you need to reserve an invite. Click here to reserve your Oneplus 2 invite.