New BlackBerry Mobile’s Coming with New OS 7 Very Soon

RIM announced on Twitter feed that they look set to reveal seven new devices with new OS 7. OS 7 is a great successor for last year’s BlackBerry 6.1 OS. BlackBerry 7 OS also brings support for new technologies, including NFC (near-field communications) and augmented reality applications. Voice-enabled search and 720p HD video recording also make their debut on the new OS.

The new Blackberry Mobile models will feature the new OS with a better browser. Users will be able to swipe, zoom and scroll around apps and web sites on the touch screen. And the graphics will be very fast, according to RIM. The new handsets also support HSPA+ networks, which would make it a great option for end-users looking for speed, especially since it also comes with a fast 1.2GHz application processor inside, rumor has it.