More iPhone 4G HD Images, Video

New Images of the device, originally leaked by Vietnamese forum, show that Apple’s next-generation iPhone is almost in production-ready state. The new prototype is way different from the previous leak by Gizmodo, it has a tender memory indication (16GB), and also to omit the screws next to the Dock Connector. Some information that came with the photos showed that the model was 16GB, had a micro SIM instead of standard SIM, and had the SIM slot moved from the top to the side. There is also a frontal camera for video call. The people who had the new prototype complained it did not fit squarely in their hands.





Teardown pictures also show a new chip inside the alleged prototype, fuelling the speculation that Apple would use its speedy A4 chip, found in the iPad, in the next generation iPhone. Also note that the Gizmodo model had XXGB on the back, while this new one shows 16GB – which could mean that we will see 16, 32, and 64GB iPhones this summer.

Via – Engadget

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