Microsoft’s Cortana app for Android Is Leaked Now (Download)

iOS has Siri, Android has Google now, Microsoft has Cortana virtual assistant. Recently Microsoft announced that very soon android user and Ios user will use their Cortana virtual assistant on phones. Now the app is leaked for the android users and most of the users already tested it and impressed with its features. We’ve installed the app on our android smartphone and it works just like you’d expect. The apps come with the dark theme and you can use it very smoothly, all you have to use your voice to search or enter queries in text, and Cortana is accessed just like any regular Android app. You can use the app same like the Google now and Siri. The app allows you to schedule events, update you on local news, weather, sports and much more.


The app is still in beta version, but works without any problem and packed with some awesome features which you can see in the app. One feature that we are missing in the app is that it doesn’t work like the Google now. In Google now you’ve to say Ok Google and it starts automatically.

To use this application on your android device, you need a Microsoft account once the app is signed with your Microsoft account you can easily use this app with Bing Search. The company is also planning to launch the Cortana app for the iOS users later this year, but an official preview version of the Android client is expected in the coming weeks. If you wanna test the application on your android phone, download the apk file of the app from the below mention links and install the same on your phone.

Download Cortana app for Android