Lock OnePlus 3 Apps With Fingerprint Sensor

Oneplus 3 Android phone comes with the Fingerprint Sensor, and this will help you to lock and unlock the home screen of the phone. Now most of the new Android phone has this new feature and one of the best method to secure the phone. But do you know that you can use this feature to unlock you Android applications? Yes, by default the fingerprints sensor is used to lock the phone only, and it doesn’t work on the installed applications. But there is an application called App Lock: Fingerprint Password, Which allows you to lock any application on your phone. Yes, now you can Lock OnePlus 3 Apps with this free android application. The best part of the app is its free and work son most of the Android phones. So here in this post, we will discuss how to Lock OnePlus 3 Apps with App Lock: Fingerprint Password application.

Oneplus 3 doesn’t provide any feature to lock the app on the phone. To use this feature all you have to download and install this app on your phone and make some changes on the application and you are done. You can find the download link in the below mention guide.

Lock OnePlus 3 Apps

How to Lock OnePlus 3 Apps

1. Setup your Fingerprint sensor on your Oneplus 3. Go to Settings > Security & Fingerprints and Add Fingerprints.

2. Download and install App Lock: Fingerprint Password from Google play store. Once the application is installed, All you need to do is configure it, and it will work straight forward.

3. Open the app and grant AppLock “Apps with Usage Access“. Tap on it, and toggle on to enable “Allow Usage Access“.

4. Now from the app select all the application which you want to lock on Oneplus 3.


5. Now go to the setting of the application and enable the “Use Fingerprint to Unlock” Option. And you are done.

6. Nopw open the app that you locked with the application. Now you will see the warning message on the screen “Use Fingerprint to Unlock.”


7. Use your fingerprint and the Application is unlocked.

That’s it! You’re done! Enjoy the app and Lock OnePlus 3 Apps.