iPhone HD Apple’s Next Generation Phone!

According to sources apple is going to launch new iPhone HD, According to the details, no official news is yet available about the rumors circulating iPhone but the word is coming in that the newest iPhone will be called iPhone HD. The technical details surrounding the latest version of the iPhone are heating up the search engines all over the web. The Wall Street Journal and others report that the company’s next-gen handset will be named “iPhone HD” and will bring a new A4-family SoC, a 960×640 display (the current resolution is 480×320), a front-mounted camera (for video conferencing), and multitasking courtesy of iPhone OS 4.0.

iPhone 4, HD, Apple

The touchscreen that was used in the Apple iPhone 3G was 320 by 480 pixels but this new iPhone HD would carry the resolution of 960 by 640 pixels. This would be the cutest yet the craziest mobile phone ever and would be the most remarkable one.