How to Install ViPER4Android FX on Redmi Note 5 Pro

Did anyone try the Viper fx on redmi note 5 pro? How to install ViPER4Android FX on Redmi Note 5 pro? These are some of the questions that we are receiving from last few days. So today here in this guide we are showing you how to install ViPER4Android FX oN Redmi Note 5 Pro. Once the ViPER4Android FX is installed on your phone you will get the best sound on your mobile. Not only this you can also tune the sound as per your need.

This guide will help you in installing ViPER4Android on Redmi Note 5 pro running on MIUI 9 Oreo. To install this app on your phone you have to root the Redmi Note 5 pro and Install the TWRP custom Recovery on the phone. After that follow the below mentioned guide to install ViPER4Android FX on Redmi Note 5 Pro.

How to Install ViPER4Android FX on Redmi Note 5 Pro

Download ViPER4Android FX for Redmi Note 5 Pro

Download ViPER4Android Oreo apk file from the link below and save it in your mobile phones internal memory.

Download ViPER4Android FX

ViPER4Android Features

  1. Playback Control: Amplify the output volume of Android devices.
  2. FET Compressor: Limit the FET circuits to keep your device safe from getting any damage to any sound hardware system.
  3. Viper-DDC: Enjoy near HIFI sound on your headphones.
  4. Spectrum Extension: Make your music sound lossless with enhanced high frequencies.
  5. USB/Dock effect Support: ViPER4Android supports USB/Dock audio output.
  6. Speaker Optimization: Highly Optimized Speaker for a stunning output of quality audio.
  7. ViPER Bass: With different bass modes, you can have more excellent bass experience than before!
  8. ViPER Clarity: With the latest Clarity mode selection, you can balance up heavy bass with high clarity audio that you can never imagine before!
  9. Headphone Surround+ (VHS+): With this VHS+, V4A made its way to achieve great surround technologies for Android.
  10. FIREqualizer: 10-band Finite Impulse Response (filter equalizer) for redefining at the top of every audio output.

How to Install ViPER4Android FX on Redmi Note 5 Pro

1. First Root your Phone and install TWRP recovery.

2. Download ViPER4Android FX apk file form the above mention link and save on your phone.

3. Install the File on your phone and you are done.

4. Now you will see the ViPER4Android FX icon on your phone. Open it and enjoy all the feature of the ViPER4Android FX on your redmi note 5 pro.

Video Guide to Install ViPER4Android FX

Direct Link to YouTube Video
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