Install Systemless Xposed On Android With Working OTA

Xposed is one of the most popular Frameworks for the Android user, which allow them to customize the phone as per their need. With the help of Xposed Frameworks user can all features available generally in custom ROMs. Until now if you installed the Xposed Frameworks on your phone then you are not able to get the OTA update on your phone and not even use the Android Pay Service. But no more! Thanks to developer topjohnwu over at Xda who just released a modified version of Xposed Framework, which again lets you customize your Android device but without interfering with the system files of your device. So that means you can get the OTA update on your phone and also use the Android Pay without any problem.

This means that you can install Xposed modules on a rooted device running the stock ROM and continue to receive OTAs. So let us take a look how it works and how to install the Systemless Xposed on Android, without making any changes in the system files.

Install Systemless Xposed On Android With Working OTA


1. Android Phone with Android Marshmallow 6.0 or above.

2. Your device should be rooted with Chainfire’s Systemless root.

3. Material Design Xposed Installer.

4. Systemless Xposed Zip

How to Install Systemless Xposed Framework

Step 1. Make sure your phone is running a stock ROM. And no Xposed Framework is installed on your phone.

Step 2. Download systemless SpuerSU zip file from the above mention link and flash it on your device using a custom recovery.

Step 3. Now download the correct version of the system less Xposed zip file from the above mention links and move the zip file on your phone.

Step 4. Boot you phone in recovery mode and Flash the Xposed zip file.

Step 5. Reboot your System and install the Material Design Xposed Installer from the above mention link.

Step 6. Open the app and now you can enjoy the Systemless Xposed on your phone.

NOTE: – To use Android Pay. Open Material Xposed Installer application and press the toggle to turn off Xposed Status.


We hope the guide above helps you install Systemless Xposed Framework on your Systemless rooted device.