Improve Android Speed and Fix Lag Issues with LagFix

Facing some lags issues with your android smartphone or low performance on your android. This happens with most of the android mobile users. Main reasons of these problems are using a device more and more, running lots of apps, running custom ROM’s, junk files and more. There are so many application which allows you to keep your android phone fast & virus free or helps you free up the Space on Android and also helps you to clean cache files from apps, call history logs, browser history and more. But none of them helps you to resolve the lag issue on your android device. Luckily, there is a way to fix the speed performance and lag issues on an Android device, with an app called LagFix.

LagFix is a free android application for rooted android mobile users, which helps you to fixes lag issues on many devices, like the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus 4, One X+, and more. LagFix works best on those devices which have no expandable storage, but that doesn’t mean it will not work on other device, You can use it also expandable storage devices. The application is available in two version free and paid, Free version is ad-supported; paid version is ad-free. Also in free version you can’t schedule the LagFix to automatically run. To run it automatically you have to buy the paid version from the Google play store.

Fix Android Lag Issues
Fix Android Lag Issues

As we mention above that the application is free to use, but you need a rooted device to use this application on your device to fix the lag issues on your smartphone, if your Android is not rooted then you’re out of luck. But before using the application on your Android device, we recommend you to read the FAQ section of the application. The app is easy to use, all you have run the application on your rooted device and choose which partition to trim. If you don’t know which to choose, simply leave LagFix at default settings and run it. After that you can see the message on your device that process is completed on your device and you have to reboot your device to complete the process.

It so simple and neat app, select the partitions you would like trimmed, and then hit “run”. We tested the free version of this application in our Nexus 4 device and yes we are facing some lag issues on our nexus 4 before using this application on our device. Now i am really impressed with the application and its performance. After running LagFix application on my device and rebooting my device, I noticed an improvement immediately. You have to must try this application on your rooted device if you are facing some lag issues or slowdown on your Android device. So what are you waiting for, if your phone is rooted, try it out and let us know your results.

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