Download New Google Pixel 3 Launcher for Your Android

Many of you are aware with the new Google Pixel 3 Phione, which Google launched recently. The new Google pixel comes with the new Android Pie, new Google pixel 3 Camera and Google pixel 3 Launcher with added features. So here in this guide, we will explain how you can install the new Google Pixel 3 Launcher for Your Android. All you have to download one app file on your phone and you are done. But the thing is that your phone would b running on the Android pie or on any custom ROM based on the Android pie. If you are not on the Android 9.0 then this guide will not work for you.

The new Pixel Launcher comes with a handful of changes, now you will see the Google assistant button on the Google Search widget, adaptive icons applied to all apps and other features. You can install the latest Pixel launcher on any handset running Android Pie.


Download New Google Pixel 3 Launcher

Below you will find the three different link. Try One of them and you can enjoy the new Google pixel 3 launcher on your Phone.

Just download the apk file of the launcher on your android phone and install the same on your phone. Now set the Google Pixel 3 Launcher as you default home launcher to enjoy the benefits of Google Pixel 3 Launcher on your device.

Google Pixel 3 Launcher for Google Phones:

Download Google Pixel 3 Launcher for Other phones:

Pixel 3 launcher if the above one not work:

Video: – Google Pixel 3 Launcher