Change Oneplus One TrueCaller Dialer With CM12 Google Dialer

If you are the Oneplus One user and recently update your phone with official CM 12.1 Android lollipop 5.1.1 update, then you will see the new TrueCaller Dialer on your phone. Most of the user don’t like this new dialer and want to back to the CM 12 Google dialer, but don’t know how to do that. If you want to get rid of the new dialer app and give some love to the good old Google dialer app, here is the full and working guide which you can follow on your phone and replace the true caller dialer with Google dialer.

The guide is pretty easy and all you have to flash one zip file on your phone. But to do this you need a rooted phone with TWRP recovery. Check out the guide here to root and install TWRP on one plus one here. Also, note that it is recommended to uninstall TrueCaller app to avoid conflicts. Carefully, follow the detailed steps:

Change Oneplus One TrueCaller Dialer With CM12.1 Google Dialer

Replace TrueCaller on OnePlus One with Google Dialer

Step 1. Download the here. Don’t extract or unzip the folder.

Step 2. Now move the zip file on your zone plus one internal memory.

Step 3. Boo tyour Oneplus one in recovery mode.

Step 4. Now form recoery slect instal and flash the zip file that you placed on your phoone.

Step 5. Do not wipe the cache, it is not needed. Just reboot your device. Go abck and reboot your phone.

Step 6. Once the phone is booted, go to Settings >> Apps and disable Dialer and Google Contacts.

Now the Google dialer is installed on your oneplus one android smartphone.