7 Features That You Have to Activate On Your Xiaomi Phone

As you’re likely aware, Xiaomi has already commenced internal testing for MIUI 15. Later this year, they will unveil the upcoming MIUI 15 version alongside Android 14. MIUI 15 will introduce numerous new features, UI enhancements, and updated apps with additional add-ons.

With each passing day, Xiaomi is diligently updating their MIUI apps, incorporating additional features, and implementing UI modifications to enhance the user experience. Notably, several of these updated apps have already been rolled out for their flagship devices on a global scale.

If you’re curious to discover which apps have undergone updates and the new features incorporated into these fresh MIUI applications, you’ve come to the right destination. Here, we’re presenting a selection of the latest MIUI app updates that are available for utilization on your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO smartphones. This presents a great opportunity to explore and test out the array of novel features now accessible on your device.

We conducted thorough testing of these applications on our Xiaomi device and found that the majority of them are functioning seamlessly. Several apps have been comprehensively updated and now include supplementary add-ons that are novel to us. These applications primarily pertain to launchers, screen recording, gallery management, camera functionality, screenshot tools, and more.

Below we are sharing the link of the updated MIUI 15 apps that you can download and install on your device. If these new MIUI Apks works properly on your device, please let us know the details of your device and which specific apps are running smoothly for you. Your feedback is valuable in understanding the compatibility and effectiveness of these apps across various devices.

Download October 2023 Updated MIUI Apps

1. MIUI Control Centre

2. MIUI 15 System launcher

3. Security App

Download September 2023 Updated MIUI Apps

1. MIUI System launcher

2. Security App

3. Gallery App

4. Gallery Editor

[OLD]Download These new 7 Update MIUI 15 Apps

1. MIUI Launcher (POCO Phone Note Supporte)

2. Screen Recorder

3. Add Device Frame Screenshot

4. New Camera App

5. Gallery Editor

6. New File Manager

7. Updated Security App

Download these apk files one by one on your phone and install the same to get all the new features on your phone.