How to Enable Google Assistant on Android Devices

Google Assistant is one of the most famous feature in Google Pixel phones. And this one is only available for the Pixel phone. Now you can enjoy the same on your Android phones. Devs from XDA finally managed to enable Google Assistant on almost any Android device running on Android 7.0 Nougat.

Dev Yasharkhan posted an excellent guide to enable the Google Assistant on any Android device. All you have to make some changes on your phone and install the Latest Google app (beta) on your phone and you are done. With this way, you can easily enjoy the Google Pixel Google Assistant on your phone.


Enable Google Assistant on Android

1. Make sure that your android phone is rooted with TWRP recovery.

2. Now you have to edit the build.prop on your device to enable the Google Assistant on your phone.

3. To do this any file explorer with Root access feature.

4. Locate the build.prop file on your Explorer and Add the ro.opa.eligible_device=true line to the end of build.prop file on your Android device. And change the value of ro.product.model entry to Pixel so it looks like this: ro.product.model=Pixel.

5. After this visit this page and download the latest Google app (beta) apk file on your phone and install it.

6. Now Clear Google App data. To do this Go to the Settings > Apps > Google app > Select Storage > Manage space > and tap CLEAR ALL DATA.

7. Reboot your phone.

8. Once you reboot the device after that, you will see Google Assistant feature now. If not, then wait for some time and reboot again.

That’s it. Google Assistant is successfully installed on your phone.

Via – XDA